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by Margaret on Jun 25, 2017

Need pig head for head cheese

Title says it all! I live in the west Portland metro and prefer not to drive a whole lot to pick up.

by Chase on Jun 12, 2017

Mangalitsa back fat or similar

I'm looking to procure Mangalitsa breed pork fatback from a local producer. Willing to consider other breeds similar to said Managlitsa but definitely wanting a thick, fatty cut as I intend to cure into lardo. I'm located in Portland and willing to travel to get the goods. Thank you. -Chase 

by Redhaven on Jun 12, 2017

Muscovy or Barbary Ducks from Redhaven Farms

Redhaven Farms is pleased to offer Muscovy, aka Barbary, ducks.  Our flock offers gorgeous color: blue, black, fawn, chocolate, and pied. Our ducks are born and bred at Redhaven and roam the pastures during the day. They are fed locally milled Union Mills feed and are antibiotic free. Muscovy ducks are one of the few breeds that are not mallard-derived. They are closer related to a goose than they are a duck! They are quiet and friendly, they forage feed and hunt flies (seriously), are weather hardy, and produce fabulous eggs and the richest duck meat ever. What's not to love!? Did I mention they are quiet? Muscovy are "quackless" ducks! They make quiet hissing and cooing sounds and do not "quack" like your other domestic duck breeds. This trait make Muscovy ducks excellent neighbors- even in the city.  If you're purchasing the birds for meat, the males are larger than the females. Males will average out to 10-15 pounds while the females stay small, about 6-8 pounds. If you're keeping a backyard flock, I recommend you can get all hens and collect the unfertilized eggs. Or if you'd like to try raising a flock of your own, a ratio of 1 drake to 2+ hens.   Our selections vary.  Feathered and sexed ducks are $25.00  Unsexed and under two weeks, $7.00. Price goes up as they grow Please email with questions.

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