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by Dan on Jul 28, 2017

Looking for butcher apprentice opportunities

Hello! I am looking for butcher apprentice opportunities, part-time or full-time, and wondering if anyone out there has any leads? I currently work full-time as a deli manager for a number of years, I've been doing a variety of home charcuterie for some time (coppa, bacon, bresaola, biltong and more...) and took the 2-day PDX Meat Collective pig butchery/charcuterie class earlier as well this year to kick off more formal skills, and am looking to transition full-time into a meat career.   Thanks! Dan

by Wendy on Aug 09, 2017

Red Wattle Pork - Cut Your Own!! Or not.. lol

Looking for quality, heritage pork? We have several sides of Red Wattle pork hanging in the cooler at Mt. Angel Meats. They are available for purchase now!!  If you want to cut your own meat, they are ideal as they are "skin on" sides, which means they will transport easily (cleanly) and offer you the ability to use the entire animal as well as do special "skin on" cuts (prosciutto anyone?).   Don't think you can haul a half hog in your car? The guys at Mt. Angel will happily make a cut or two for you that will break it down into 2 or 3 smaller pieces (generally the shoulder, loin and then hind quarter), which makes it a snap to haul in even the smallest of cars.    Don't want to do your own cut and wrap?  Mt. Angel Meats is a full service butcher shop that can do your cut/wrap and smoking for you.  The Details -  $2.50/lb hanging weight + slaughter fee ($30-35 for a half) + any cut/wrap/smoking that you would like done.   Pick up for "cut your own" is at Mt. Angel Meats in Mt. Angel, Oregon. The sides are hanging and ready to go now!  If you have Mt. Angel Meats do your cut and wrap, we may be able to get the finished meat up to Portland for you on one of our regular delivery dates.  Additional butcher dates every 2 weeks!!  Call Wendy @ 503-871-69232 or email to reserve your side now!  -

by Robbe on Jul 28, 2017

Bulk chicken skins

Does anyone know where I can source bowl chicken skins in the Portland area? thank you much! -r

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