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by Vestpocket on Sep 22, 2017

Fine pigs available now!

The Rooting Section currently has shoats and roasters available for suckling pigs, grow outs and a few young breeding trios! One proven sow also being rotated out of the breeding project, and there is one beautiful gilt available out of the best foundation sow in the project. Custom raising also available, see the Facebook page.  $20 discount per animal purchase for groupings all on the same feed---gather up your friends! These hogs are the results of an ongoing breeding project to produce a smaller, well tempered animal intermediate between "bacon hogs" and "lard hogs" called "pork producers".  They are comparable to Middle Whites, American Guinea Hogs, Kune Kune and Idaho Pasture Pigs --- but scaled for urban and suburban sized lots, with a vastly improved grow out rate.  While AGH and Kune Kune need about 18 months to reach butcher weights, The Rooting Section hogs are expected to hit that mark at about eight months! The primary breeds in this breeding project are Berkshire, Hereford, Asian Heritage Hog and a little Juliani.  You can expect lovely dark meat, good marbling and a nice fat cap on the carcass. Find us on Facebook...

by Sarah on Oct 09, 2017

Pigs for sale - AGH/Kune Kune

Three litters to choose from, males and females. The oldest litter will make perfect Thanksgiving roasters. All are on pasture, healthy and happy.  $60 each, 3 or more $50.  Call 503.515.7293 to pick up. Located in Newberg

by Josh on Sep 28, 2017

Mangalitsa Boar for sale

We've got some new mangalitsa lines on the farm and are ready to retire our 3 year old blonde mangalitsa boar.  This is the real thing, purchased directly from the importer/breeder with full genetic history. The boar is proven and willing to sell for either breeding or butcher.   Price is $1500, available for pickup in Sandy.  This boar will very likely have "boar taint", this is a significant discount over our normal rates.  Hanging weight should be around 400lb.   If interested in using the boar for breeding please inquire directly by either phone or IM.  If you're looking for cuts, whole/half mangalitsa, let us know as well!

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